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There are a number of common problems that old or poorly looked after front doors, back doors and patio doors (including and French doors and bifolding doors) suffer from. On this page, we’ve looked to list a few that many in and around the Banbury area have had to deal with over the years. Keep in mind that some types of doors are less likely to suffer from issues than others. Composite doors and uPVC doors (as well as uPVC windows), for example, are immune to rotting and warping – which often affects timber doors.


If you ever need new doors, door hardware or quality double glazing that won’t let you down, call up UK Building Plastics Ltd on 01865 778 930. We have a huge range of products including high quality composite doors that come with long-term guarantees.

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3 Common Problems With Front Doors & Back Doors

Alignment Problems – Having trouble opening or shutting front doors, back doors or French doors? It could be an alignment problem. While it’s typically uPVC doors that suffer from alignment issues, often doors in conservatories fitted by unexperienced workmen, composite doors and aluminium bifold doors are by no means immune. If you notice that your patio doors, for example, are loose on their hinges, it may be worth seeking help from a professional locksmith or door repair expert in Banbury.


While it may for now just prove a minor inconvenience, with locking your front doors, back doors or French doors being just slightly more difficult than it should be, long-term misalignment could worsen and make it impossible for you to close or lock your door at all. Solving most misalignment problems is simply down to fiddling with a few screws, but it’s best to have a specialist assess the situation and make precise adjustments, to ensure you don’t accidently make the problem worse. The same goes if you’re experiencing alignment issues with your uPVC windows.


Rusty Hinges – It’s important to ensure that the hinges on front doors, back doors and French doors are kept clean and regularly lubricated. This prevents them from going rusty. Rusty hinges aren’t just annoying, although the squeak and stiffness are certainly that! They can eventually seize up altogether (this is also an issue that can affected uPVC windows and fixtures in conservatories). Then you’ll need to replace them or even remove and replace the door altogether.


So we recommend our Banbury clients regularly check their doors’ hinges, whether they be on ancient timber French doors, or on relatively new composite doors featuring energy efficient double glazing. Just the odd bit of maintenance here and there (cleaning and lubrication) can save you a significant sum down the road.


Failed Hardware – Usually, if front doors, back doors or patio doors (both French doors and bifolding doors) around Banbury have failed, it’s down to their hardware. By this we mainly mean handles and locks. Poor quality, long-used door handles can fall off or stop engaging the spindle, an internal element which allows you to open a door. Replacing door handles isn’t too difficult, but we recommend those who aren’t experienced DIY’ers to have professionals carry out the work on their behalf.


Door locks fail for all sorts of reasons. Keys can wear down or snap off inside the lock, the lock can seize up, or the internal mechanism can break for any number of reasons. Locks are now often graded on their strength and quality, so ensure you purchase something that will last you a long while. Most locks can be easily repaired by a Banbury locksmith if compromised, but from time to time, for example if a thief has attempted to break your lock, you may need to replace it altogether.


Swelling – Solely affecting untreated wooden front doors, back doors and French doors (not uPVC doors, uPVC windows, composite doors and aluminium bifold doors), swelling occurs when humid and wet conditions cause a door to absorb moisture and swell out. This can make them more difficult or impossible to open, shut or lock.


Eager DIY’ers around Banbury may be able to solve this issue themselves. If it’s just the door frame that’s affected, then sanding it down may enable it to open or shut again. Sometimes, you may need to replace or re-align hardware like locks/handles. If you’re not comfortable doing this, be sure to call in the experts. To stop front doors, back doors and French doors from swelling in the future, ensure they are treated or painted correctly.


If your front doors or back doors are fine, and you’re more interested in our uPVC windows, double glazing or how conservatories can improve the value of Banbury properties, we urge you to get in contact with us today. Our full product range includes:

  • uPVC Windows
  • uPVC Doors
  • Double Glazing
  • Conservatories
  • Aluminium Bifold Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • uPVC Bifolding Doors
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For front doors, back doors and patio doors at prices you just won’t see at competing specialists around Bicester, contact UK Building Plastics Ltd on 01865 778 930.