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One of the best things about our product range is it contains low maintenance front doors, back doors and patio doors that will save you a lot of time as the years roll on. However, even low maintenance products, from French doors and aluminium bifold doors complete with energy efficiency double glazing, to uPVC windows and uPVC doors, require the occasional bit of TLC to keep them in good condition. On this page, we’ve run through a few maintenance tips for the benefit of our Bicester clients.

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Looking After Your Doors & Windows

Frequency of Cleaning – If you home features aluminium bifold doors, we recommend you clean their frames and hinges just once a year. This is because Bicester isn’t situated close by the sea or an area with especially high levels of air pollution. However, the running tracks should be attended to about once a month. This is usually enough to preserve the performance and look of bifolding doors, whether they’re being employed as your patio doors or within conservatories as a partition.


When it comes to UPVC windows, uPVC doors and composite doors, we recommend inspecting them every month or so. If you notice that they’re looking a little bit grubby, then it’s worth cleaning their frame and hinges to maintain your Bicester property’s curb appeal and ensure built-up dirt and grease doesn’t begin to affect functionality. We’d recommend combining this task with cleaning your double glazing, so that your doors and windows’ look/condition is consistent, and you get two jobs done in one. Don’t worry, this is an easy process, whether you have sliding patio doors, French doors or bifolding doors…


Cleaning the Frame & Hinges – To clean your front doors / back doors, you don’t need anything other than some warm water, a cloth and some mild detergent. We advise Bicester property owners to avoid using a scouring pad or similar rough material to clean off dirt on products like composite doors and aluminium bifold doors, as this could also take off some of the doors’ coating or paintwork. The same is true for uPVC doors, as this could leave you with scratch marks. Especially stubborn marks should instead be banished with anon-stick pan sponge (which is also a useful tool for cleaning conservatories, uPVC windows and double glazing).


If you have front doors, back doors or patio doors finished with a special coating or textured finish, you may need to use a small amount of white spirit. We also recommend that, once a year, owners of bifolding doors use silicone spray on hinges and locking mechanism. This will help keep them functioning optimally. Lubricating the hinges of French doors, sliding patio doors and regular front doors / back doors in Bicester properties can also be a good idea.


The Trick Behind Long Lasting Doors & Windows – Well, it’s not quite a trick! But even more important than regularly cleaning front doors, back doors, conservatories and patio doors (French doors / bifolding doors) is treating them with care and respect. It doesn’t matter whether you have durable uPVC doors and uPVC windows, or even ultra-durable composite doors, users who yank their doors open and slam them shut will not find that their doors last a very long time before needing repair or replacement! On the contrary, Bicester customers who avoid such behaviour will find their products last for decades.


Maintaining the Tracks – Whenever you notice a bit of debris in the tracks of your siding patio doors, French doors or aluminium bifold doors’ running tracks, like a small stone for example, be sure to remove it as soon as possible. The same goes for debris found in the frames of uPVC windows, uPVC doors and fixtures within conservatories. Otherwise, it could disrupt the running/closing mechanism and cause damage to your doors. This is especially important when it comes to bifolding doors. We recommend our Bicester customers vacuum the running tracks once a month. This will help prevent a build-up of dust or debris that could affect how your doors function.

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