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Here the team at Trade Building Plastics have looked to provide some help to Didcot customers who are planning on investing in new front doors, back doors or patio doors (e.g French doors or aluminium bifold doors). Have a question for our team? Call 01865 778 930. Keep in mind that we don’t just supply and install uPVC doors and composite doors, but also uPVC windows (with energy efficient double glazing as standard) and even conservatories. So don’t hesitate to contact us whatever it is you’re after.

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Expert Guide – Buying Front Doors, Back Doors & French Doors in Didcot

Take Precise Measurements – Before picking out front doors, back doors or French doors at our Oxford showroom, just a short drive from Didcot, be sure to precisely measure the dimensions of the frames they’re to sit in. Figure out the width by measuring the top, bottom and middle of a frame opening. Take the smallest of the three measurements and subtract 10mm. This is how wide your door should be.


Next up, the height. Measure three times from the centre, leftmost and rightmost points of the frame, and deduct 10mm as before. If you’re replacing your door sill, then also take measurement of its underside. Finally, measure the frame’s diagonals. There shouldn’t be a difference of more than 5mm between the two measurements. Obviously it’s important for this to be precise an accurate, as otherwise new uPVC doors / composite doors / patio doors (like bifolding doors) may not fit in their frame, delaying the installation process. We can take the measurements for you, should you wish, to ensure everything is 100% right ahead of the fitting. This advice crosses over to Didcot clients who are looking for new uPVC windows, double glazing units or conservatories. Accurate measurement is very important!


Consider Materials – Now you know the size of the front doors, back doors or French doors you’re looking for, it’s time to consider the type of material that will best suit your needs. uPVC doors are fantastic due to their affordability and energy efficiency. The same complements can be aid to uPVC windows fitted with double glazing. Meanwhile, composite doors are a little more expensive but generally more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Both can be employed as patio doors, or you could instead opt for aluminium bifolding doors (which look great and can be used as a partition sectioning off conservatories from main homes).


Many of our Didcot clients love the aesthetic of timber French doors, which exude a sense of class and charm. If you want to spend a little less and have easy-to-maintain front doors or back doors, we recommend uPVC. Security or looks your chief concern? Composite doors are ideal for you. Looking to match existing wooden window frames? Then timber is the only course of action!


We do find, however, that in most cases our Didcot customers will choose what looks best to them, which is highly subjective. So don’t hesitate to come and browse our range! Our team will be more than happy to help you in the search for your ideal front doors, back doors or French doors.


Select a Style & Colour – OK, so you know how big your doors need to be and you’ve picked out a material. Now it’s time to select a style and colour. With uPVC doors, there’s not really many options when it comes to colour, but there are a range of different style available to appeal to different aesthetic sensibilities. Different styles of uPVC doors will incorporate windows and panelling in different ways. From the simple and functional, to the striking and ornate.


Composite doors can be manufactured in any colour you can think of, and can even have different colours on the outside than the inside. This makes them very versatile and a fantastic choice for any Didcot homeowner who is looking to have their front doors, back doors or patio doors match a very specific internal/external design and colour scheme. Likewise, timber doors can be painted in any colour you fancy. You should also consider whether you want doors that feature double glazing, rather than single glazing. As in the case with UPVC windows and conservatories, double glazing can significantly improve your Didcot property’s energy efficiency.


Once you’ve taken measurements, decided on a material (e.g uPVC doors or aluminium bifold doors) and considered the style (e.g French doors) / colour you want your front doors, back doors or patio doors to be, why not pop into our showroom near Didcot? We have a huge range of doors that you can freely browse. You’re sure to find something that matches your specification. Alternatively, check out our door ranges (Standard, Italia, Stable and French) online or make use of our Door Designer tool and create bespoke doors for your property!


Remember, it’s not just doors that we supply to customers around Didcot. Our entire product range features:

  • uPVC Windows
  • uPVC Doors
  • Conservatories
  • Double Glazing
  • uPVC Bifolding Doors
  • Aluminium Bifold Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • All Front Doors & Back Doors
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Need more help picking out front doors, back doors or French doors for your Didcot property? Call our Oxford showroom on 01865 778 930.