HALO TIMELESS - Fully Mechanically Jointed Flush System

Handcrafted using traditional bench processes.  All the aesthetics of old world manufacturing using the latest energy saving materials

For hundreds of years timber windows were made using traditional woodworking and joinery techniques that defined the craftsman and his work.  One of the most distinctive of these techniques was the 'mechanical joint'.  

Timeless detail honours the traditional style of making windows which are hand made by our own skilled suppliers who pay unwavering attention to the smallest of details.  Available in a full range of timber foil finishes and other colour options to suit your home, you can choose different finishes outside and inside on the same window. 



The timeless detail window has the grace that is hand built using additional fixed sashes to produce pleasing and balanced sightlines.  So you can enjoy the styling and great looks that provide good 'old-fashioned' satisfaction.


Features & Benefits

  • Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Highly Energy Efficient

  • Available with Double or Triple Glazing

  • Excellent Security Benefits

  • Large Collection of Colour Options Including Wood Effect Finishes

  • Full Suite of Heritage Hardware

This is the type of joint that holds the four corners of the window together.  Tradtionally, these were 'mortise and tenon' joints;where the 'tenon' tounge, an extruding piece of wood on the end of a timber profile is inserted into the 'mortise' hole and locked in place with screws or glue.


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