Optima Flush Casement Windows

Tradition & Performance - No-one disputes the beauty of timber, but it has its drawbacks.  In the wet, it can swell.  In dry conditions, it can shrink.  It can warp and twist.  It will require ongoing maintenance and painting.

UPVC windows are tough, durable and insulating.  They need hardly any maintenance, they open easy and when they are closed, they are secure.  The Optima flush system replicate the appearance of traditional wooden frames.  Even the colours, grain and texture.  Not only do the Optima flush windows look great they also have a lot more to offer.  Multi chambered frames are secure and strong, advanced seals block the weather, high spec glazing provides thermal and acoustic insulation.

Something old, Something New....

Lets's get the jargon out of the way.  A casement is simply a window held on hinges in a frame.  In the UK where external shutters are rare, the vast majority of casements open outwards.  Within casements, there are various styles.  A flush casement is simply one where the opening window sits flush in its frame, rather than standing proud.

It's a design that is elegant in its simplicity and is found in all sorts of traditional properties, from all periods.  What's more, the lines are understated which makes them ideal for more contemporary properties which rely on minimalist styling.  Flush casements replicate the timbers original apperance to perfection but go well beyond in terms of thermal performance


Every Detail

There are no corners cut, no detail left out that should be there. The profile designers looked at every aspect of the optima flush system, every angle, every joint & every goove - Even the positioning of screws you'll never see.  Hardware is perfect, Colours appropriate, proprtions exactly right.  Everything matters.  Every little thing!


Safe & Secure

Style matters, but so does security.  That's why the Optima flush profiles are robust and impact resistant and our locking system advanced.  Simple measures, like toughened glass in windows that are close to floor height and egress hinges which ensure you've got an escape route in case of emergency, help to keep your family safe and sound



When its cold outside, you want to be warm indoors.  When the sun's blazing, you dont want to overheight.  Smart glass technologies and multi-chambered frames insulate your home, not just from fluctuating temperatures but also from external noise.  No draughts, no cold spots, just peace, quiet, and year-round comfort.


Handles & Stays

The traditional appearance was a must, so even though the flush casements have their own friction hinges, they also have dummy peg stays and gorgeous, mokey-tail handles all finished the way you'd expect, with period colours and a craftsman's attention to detail.


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