Bi-folding Doors - The Feature That Your Home Needs

In times gone by, the only way in which to access the garden of a home would be to go through the backdoor - it is worth noting that this same route would be used to reach the bins. Whilst there was nothing inherently wrong with this, it certainly was not a particularly stylish solution. However, in recent years there has been a marked change; namely, bi-fold doors have become an increasingly frequent fixture in the modern household, and for good reason. Here at UK Building Plastics, we are a leading proprietor of aluminium bi-fold doors in Oxfordshire. This reputation allows us to offer you some of the reasons as to why you should consider purchasing them.

Increases light penetration As one would expect, judging by the number of windows which are included with bi-folding doors, one of the primary reasons to purchase these products is the way in which they allow natural light to flood into your home. When you acquire high-quality aluminium bi-fold doors, you will notice that they are equipped with an array of floor-to-ceiling glass panels; these are designed so as to let the sun’s rays filter in uninterrupted into the adjoining room. No longer will you be forced to switch on a plethora of electric lights to illuminate your home. Extremely practical The first time that you clap eyes on bi-folding doors, it will immediately become apparent to you that, were you to have them installed in your home, they would fit in seamlessly with your existing set-up. What truly allows them to stand apart from their nearest rivals, namely sliding doors, is the options that you are given when you wish to open them. If you are sitting inside and wish to enjoy the natural views of your garden, then you can open them outwards. However, should you be wanting to relax on your patio, and subsequently need to maximise your space, they also open inwards. Incredibly energy efficient Unfortunately, not all homes are blessed with an abundance of insulating materials within the walls; this can lead to increasingly expensive heating and energy bills, particularly in the winter. Thankfully, there is a cost-effective solution to this issue, in the form of aluminium bi-folding doors. The way in which they are designed, coupled with the top-tier quality of the materials which are involved in the construction, ensure that the room which they are fitted to is able to retain heat in a much-improved fashion. Modern aesthetic In the twenty-first century, many more homeowners are taking more of a vested interest in the appearance of their property. It is for this reason that countless individuals up-and-down the country are opting to invest in first-class bi-folding doors. The combination of sleek uPVC and triple/double glazing windows ensures that your home will be the envy of all your neighbours. When guests come to visit, their eyes will instantly be drawn to the stunning home accessory which combines practicality with an aesthetically-pleasing design.

What can we offer you? Are you based in Oxford, or the surrounding area, and would like to obtain a hinged door which is low in price, yet supreme in quality? Have you always wanted to renovate your home, but been unsure of which firm to entrust with supplying you the necessary products? If either of the aforementioned scenarios can be applied to you, you will be thrilled to hear that your long-awaited search has come to a conclusion.

Here at UK Building Plastics, we take pride in being able to provide our customers with top-of-the-range units, such as conservatories and rooflights, at prices which cannot be found anywhere else. Should this sound like something you would like to learn more about, we invite you to get in touch - the contact methods on our website will connect you to our customer service team.

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