The Undeniable Benefits Of Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

There is no denying that installing a conservatory is a brilliant way to create more space in your home and for many years now it has been an incredibly popular home improvement to make. Whilst conservatories can differ so much in shape and style, and it is easy to create a bespoke design that is perfect for your home, there is one thing that the vast majority of conservatories have in common; a glass roof.

Many homeowners don’t realise that they don’t necessarily have to install a glass roof onto their conservatory and, in fact, it can actually be much more beneficial to go for a solid roof alternative. Even if you currently have a glass conservatory roof, you may even want to consider a replacement whereby you install a Guardian Warm Roof instead. If you have never really thought about upgrading your conservatory roof and you’re wondering whether it would be worthwhile doing so, keep reading today.

Provide you with better temperature control

More often than not, conservatories are unbearably hot during the summer months and freezing cold during the winter months. This often leads to the conservatory not being used and the extra space you created being wasted. Thankfully, a Guardian Warm Roof will help you ensure the room is always a comfortable temperature and you’re able to use it every day, all year round.

Reduce your home’s energy bills

Guardian Warm Roofs are fully insulated and once installed will achieve an incredible thermal U-Value. You can guarantee that replacing your conservatory roof will help you to reduce your heating bills, sometimes quite dramatically, and improve the overall energy-efficiency of your home. The replacement will definitely be a cost-effective investment.

Prevent problems with condensation

Unfortunately, all glass roof conservatories tend to experience problems with condensation and whilst some condensation is normal, overlooking lots of condensation can have a multitude of consequences. Installing a Guardian Warm Roof will instantly help you to overcome the problems you were facing in this regard and prevent any further damage.

Compliment the rest of your property

When you choose to replace your conservatory roof, you will have an extensive range of conservatory roof tile finishes and colours to choose from. You will easily be able to find a roofing solution that works perfectly alongside the roof of your property and you can guarantee that the finished look will be visually spectacular and aesthetically pleasing.

Reduce outdoor noise

Whether you live in a busy neighbourhood or not, a conservatory can be a noisy place, especially when it’s raining. The constant disruptive noise can put you off using this space, but simply replacing your glass roof can make a huge difference in this regard. A Guardian Warm Roof will reduce the amount of noise pollution and provide you with a quiet peaceful room.

Improve the lifespan of your conservatory

Not all homeowners realise that conservatories don’t last forever, even when you keep on top of required maintenance, and it is likely that you will need repairs or replacements at some point. When you install a solid conservatory roof, you can expect it to last much longer than a new glass roof and it will help to expand the lifespan of your conservatory in a number of ways.

Upgrading your conservatory in Banbury

All in all, there is no denying that it is incredibly beneficial to upgrade your current glass, or polycarbonate, conservatory roof to a Guardian Warm Roof. You may have learned to live with the issues caused by your old conservatory roof, but you don’t have to. Now that you’re aware of how much of a difference a solid roof solution can make, it is definitely worthwhile going ahead with the upgrade and creating a comfortable space you can really make the most of.

Should you have any questions at all about Guardian Warm Roofs, please feel free to contact our team here at UK Building Plastics Direct. We specialise in conservatories in Banbury, and the surrounding areas, and will gladly take the time to discuss replacing your conservatory roof with you in more detail. We pride ourselves on providing good old fashioned customer service to our customers and our friendly team will help in any way they’re able to. We look forward to helping you transform your conservatory in Banbury.

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