UPVC Sash Windows - Can they really be better than timber?

The ecoslide range of UPVC Sash windows surpass timber in every possible way.

Affordability - Our UPVC Sash windows are available from as little as £299 + vat. Thats a huge saving over timber sash windows! We have literally saved our Witney & Oxford customers thousands of pounds!

Reliability - Timber is a natural product and ever changing. As a result, timber sash windows will swell and shrink, all of this movement will causes the sashes to stick and have unbalanced operation. UPVC has been proven to be far more reliable even in the most extreme conditions.

Low Maintenance - Timber needs to be cared for, either stained or painted regularly. The shrinking and swelling of the timber will cause the finish to flake or become uneven. UPVC sashes will need a wipe down to keep the surface clean, thats it! job done.

Thermal Gains - Using multi chambered, thermally broken profiles and energy efficient glass units, the ecoslide sash window will achieve an "A" rating as standard. Timber, although a good material for insulation, will eventually warp, causing small areas of around the frame and glass where expensive heat can escape your property.

Our Ecoslide sash windows can be supplied for self-install for builders, window installers or homeowners, or we can offer an installation service at a competitive cost.

View the ecoslide sash window for yourselves at our Witney and Oxford showrooms today!

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