Which Conservatory Is The Right One For You?

There are some people in this world that believe that if they have outgrown their current property, the only available option is to relocate - this could not be further from the truth. If you are in need of increasing living space, the most prudent move would be to invest in a conservatory. Unfortunately, the issue with this is that there are various different models from which to choose from. If you need guidance through each of the most popular units, the team here at UK Building Plastics are more than happy to oblige.

UPVC conservatory

Whilst some would consider this to be the most basic version of conservatory designs, this by no-means discredits it as a viable option. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC for short, is a type of synthetic plastic which is recognised for its durability - this high-quality material will not let you down, especially in the face of the harsh British climate. Regardless of whether you would like to opt for a more traditional design in the form of an Edwardian Conservatory, or are looking for something more extravagant, for which the P-Shape will be more appropriate, you can be sure you will be left smiling-and-satisfied.

Aluminium conservatory

Should you want to have an extension which reflects the minimalist aesthetic which you have built up within the rest of your home, you will be pleased to hear that a solution is out there for you - namely, an Aluminium Conservatory. For many people, this is seen as the perfect blend of modern materials and more conventional designs. If you did not already know, these are bespoke conservatories, meaning that you are able to dictate the specifications which they are built to; you will certainly enjoy the creative license that this provides you with.

UPVC orangery

Although this may not be technically defined as a conservatory, this type of extension certainly qualifies for this list, due to the sheer quality that it exudes. Those individuals that typically invest in a uPVC Orangery are those that are not operating to a strict budget. What truly sets these units apart are the level of customisation that is available; with no specific sizes to adhere to, you are able to create a bespoke room which has as much, or as little, floor space as you want. With the ceiling often adorned with various spotlights, you will certainly be mesmerised when you walk into this type of orangery.

Warm roof conservatory

If you live in a home which already has an existing conservatory installed, you may notice the fact that, particularly in winter, it can be relatively cold. In the past, you may have been forced to live with this; thankfully, in the modern world, there is a solution to this that is not only incredibly simply, but also extremely effective. This is a home improvement known as the Guardian Warm Roof. Made-to-measure, it does not matter if your unit is square or rectangular - you will subsequently be able to enjoy a warmth that you have never before experienced.

Who are we?

If you are someone that has been browsing through the various conservatories in Oxford which are available, but feel like you are no closer to a decision, you are in luck - UK Building Plastics are here to help. To us, it makes no difference if you are drawn in particular to Victorian Conservatories, or if you would like to invest in a Lean-To Conservatory. Our mission is to ensure that you are left smiling-and-satisfied. It is for this reason that we suggest that you speak to one of our representatives, via the contact information detailed on our website. They will be happy to discuss your individual needs with you, and subsequently, make suggestions on which avenue to go down.

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