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Korniche Bifold Door

Korniche Aluminium Bifold Doors

Introducing the Korniche Bifold Door....

Designed to perfection, brighten your room with the award-winning bi-folding doors that combine robust functionality and security with breath-taking elegance

When it comes to bringing more of the outdoors into your home, it’s the details in your bi-folding doors that make the difference. Great looking handles in matching finishes. A perfect glide and ease of use with engineered hardware that will keep this way for years to come. Slim profiles in hard wearing powder coated finish adding style to your home. Superb thermal properties and PAS24 security features. Korniche bi-folding doors get every element right.

Korniche Bifold Door
Korniche Bifold Door

A word from our trade partners themselves...

PAS24 as Standard

The Korniche bi-folding doors come rigorously tested to keep your home fully protected.  Certified to the advanced PAS24 standard, their strong, durable aluminium frames come with enhanced security that includes a 3 star yale locking barrel, high strength shoot-bolts and multi-point locking systems.


The shoot-bolt handle has an innovative and unique anti-back drive feature engineered into it.  This means that even unlocked, a forced entry attempt can't rotate the handle to open the door. 

The doors are also internally glazed using a unique patented glazing, clip-in bead.  This offers the kind of reliable, robust security that you should expect.

Closed or open, make it a view

With a clean, consistent and slim design, our bi-folding doors superbly reflect the care with which they were made.

The aluminium profiles that make up the korniche bi-folding door use polyamide thermal breaks to stop thermal bridging.  These are fitted after each half of the sections are powder coated, ensuring stark lines and a striking contrast between the two elements.

Bespoke handles come in matching finishes, while the frames themselves can be powder coated in colours as natural or as vivid as your vision requires

These beautiful finishes are highly durable, with narrow profiles and glazing seals hidden within the frame, meaning more glass to help you enjoy more of the view.

Korniche Bifold Door

Make a more memorable Entrance

Expertly engineered, Korniche bi-folding doors exude the same quality in their function as they do in design, with an exclusive roller system that delivers an effortlessly smooth glide every time.

A unique, pivoting axle in the rollers allows the wheels to follow any undulations in the stainless steel tracks underneath.  Combined with sealed bearings in the stainless steel wheels and lateral rollers, the doors will glide effortlessly and smoothly for years to come.

The doors also feature additional security in the form of a shoot-bolt handle that cannot be forced open from the outside.  This is down to an innovative anti back-drive feature that is designed into it.

It is also impossible to turn the handle at all while the key is still in the lock.  This means that there is no risk of accidently opening or damaging the doors as a result of the key remaining in place.

Korniche Bifold

Make a more memorable Entrance

Featuring polyamide thermal breaks, our bi-folding doors are designed to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Korniche products incorporate the best materials, fabricated to fine tolerances.  Patented clip-in bead "speedbead" allows the doors to be glazed and adjusted in seconds whilst engineered components allow for effortless operation.

Korniche Bifold Door

Bespoke solutions that elevate your living space

From stunning panoramic views to your perfect niche in exactly the right colour, Korniche  bi-folding doors have been engineered with versatility in mind.  Strong, durable and with excellent heat retention, they can be used in many combinations of colour, number of door sashes and layout configurations.

There are also two threshold options to select from.  These include the standard threshold and a rebated integrated cill option, which combines a 150mm cill with the rebated element of the standard threshold.  This means the step over height is reduced to only 52mm.

With aluminium frames, bespoke and upgraded handles and additional security features, you can enjoy their exceptional visual appeal while secure in the knowledge that every element of your safety is assured.

Colours and options

All traffic door and shoot-bolt handles are available in matching finishes of black, white, grey, polished chrome or brushed stainless steel.  Dual colour options available

100mm, 150mm or 190mm cill options

Standard or intergrated cill thresholds

Trickle vents canbe installed directly into the head of your door, removing the need for a frame extender

Available in black, grey, white or dual colour, they deliver 2667mm2 of airflow per vent

20mm or 40mm frame extender profiles if required

Korniche Bifold
Korniche Bifold
Korniche Bifold
Korniche Bifold
Korniche Bifold
Korniche Bifold



Brushed Stainless Steel




Shoot-bolt handles

Peace of mind comes as standard with Korniche

from design to doorstep, korniche products are engineered to deliver precision manufactured doors for your home

Korniche Bifold
Korniche Bifold
Korniche Bifold

10 Year

Manufacturers Warranty

Engineered in the UK to ensure the highest level of quality, endurance and reliability, all Korniche products come with a 10 year warranty against all parts and manufacturing.

See T & C's on the Korniche website.

PAS 24 Security Certified

PAS 24 Security Certified is the latest security standard that can only be achieved once a product has been tested to demonstrate enhanced protection against various types of attack,  This ranges from shoulder barging and kicking to attempts to pick or damage the handle or lock.  In short, it's an essential level of security for your doors.

Quality Assured

Manufactured to exacting tolerances, with intensive quality checks and tests.  As a result Korniche ensures your bespoke order is competitively priced and fulfilled to the highest possible standard with excellent availability and lead times.

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Korniche Bifold Door
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