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El Adefesio – Rafael Alberti.pdf Chateaubriand, born François-René de Chateaubriand (1768 – 1848), is a 19th-century writer who gained a large and loyal international following in the second half of the 19th century, being dubbed "France’s first great writer". François-René de Chateaubriand Chateaubriand was born in 1768 in the town of Dijon in France. He spent his childhood in the countryside of Burgundy, where he was taught by a friend of his father, Marc René de Chateaubriand, who was later to be named as one of the first ministers of France in the government of Napoleon I. In 1784, his father was appointed as the French ambassador to the court of King Louis XVI of France. François-René was educated at the Collège de Navarre in Paris, as well as by private tutors. He entered the army as an artillery lieutenant in the French Revolution, serving in the royalist army during the Seven Days in 1792, and also as an officer in the invasion of Italy. He became an officer in the French Army and served in the Royalist Army in the Italian Campaign. In 1803 he returned to France as an attaché to the ambassador of the King of France in Naples, where he met the author François-Marie Arouet, better known as Voltaire, who had returned to France to escape the dictatorship of Napoleon I. He became friends with Voltaire, and eventually married his niece, Châteaubriand's cousin, Marie-Louise-Vallan Blondel, on 31 December 1807. He published the first volume of his first novel, Atala, in 1801, dedicated to Voltaire. It was published under the title Histoire de ma vie, and it was followed by Les Aventures du dernier Abencérage in 1802. Châteaubriand's first book was a tale of "savage passion". His first work became a huge success, and it established Chateaubriand as a writer. The book has had numerous reprints and has had a lasting influence on French culture. His second novel, Atala, published in 1801, was a satire on the Enlightenment and the




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El Adefesio Rafael Alberti Pdf Download

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